The certified quality management of Eberhard Mayr GmbH & Co KG ensures highest profitability, efficiency and adherence to delivery dates in distinction to the competition. Environmental protection has the highest priority.



Especially in the field of waste disposal it is essential to have a first-class quality management. At Eberhard Mayr GmbH und Co KG, we have always relied on a quality management system that stands for maximum cost-effectiveness, efficiency and adherence to deadlines.

In contrast to the competition, we at Eberhard Mayr continuously analyze business processes with an efficient quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in order to constantly optimize them. Thus, in addition to process optimization, the quality of the materials from suppliers and customers is also classified according to purity and origin. For this purpose, a laboratory in Mannheim with a furnace is used, which analyzes the materials for the foundry scrap market with a spectrometer down to the third decimal place.

As a further qualification, our company is certified as a waste management company according to § 56 KrWG, so that all products and goods leaving our company have the highest level of quality.

Such close and trusting cooperation with our suppliers and customers not only promotes quality, but equally ensures a situation from which all parties benefit exclusively.

With the latest technology, modern machinery, incoming goods inspection with cameras, as well as the application of radioactivity measurement control and a fluorescence analysis measuring device, which shows the proportions of alloys in the metal scrap, many important investments have already been made in a trend-setting future.

Regular training on innovations from the scrap and metal trading sector as well as important occupational health and safety measures also enable us to rely on a team that stands for the reliability and service quality of Eberhard Mayr and thus makes a significant contribution to our success.



A commitment in the waste management industry always entails an obligation and responsibility towards the environment. Choose in good conscience a transport contract with a high quality environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

As a modern, certified waste management company according to §56 KrWG, the respect of legal regulations, safety regulations as well as the guarantee of transparency is not only in the interest of all customers, employees and in the sense of the environment, but a self-evident part of our business policy.

As a certified waste management company, we are committed to complying with operational environmental policies, achieving environmental goals and setting up an environmental program, the implementation of which is reviewed and audited by companies in the automotive industry.

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